Smash Mob remixes Wonder Woman theme song from ABC TV Show!

Cover art for Smash Mob Mix of the Wonder Woman TV Show ThemeThe Wonder Woman movie has become the success story of the 2017 summer season.  Smash Mob is excited to report we have been asked to remix the original Lynda Carter Wonder Woman ABC TV show theme!  

Unfortunately, no master tapes exist.  The owner of the master, label Army of DJ's did a global search, even tracking down the original composer.  Nothing.  

Also unfortunate, this is the case with not only TV and film music but the actual shows themselves.  Many seminal historic shows were never archived.  Executives saw no value in preserving old film, tapes, etc.  Many networks taped over old shows to save money on tapes.

The only existing version of the Wonder Woman TV Show theme song comes from vinyl records.  Even Rhino Records, when they released this theme song, had to take it from a vinyl record.

Most remixers can fiddle with the beat, add some synths, but to do a good job on this the task demanded knowing enough music theory to virtually recreate the original multitrack.

So that is what we did.  Modernizing a bit of the bounce and of course aligning the beat to a stomping EDM beat.  We had the good fortune to know a female vocalist, Norma Nichols (an accomplished multi instrumentalist, vocalist, and music therapist), who nailed the original tone and performance which allowed us to give more than the grainy lowfi vocal that we originally had to work with.  We made use of live horns we recorded a few months ago with Matt Vander Bough.  Frank Rogala of Smash Mob doubled up some of the male vocals and used the new vocal to help reinforce and fill out the missing frequencies in the original. Using amazing restoration/denoise/post production tools by Izotope we were able to retain a majority of the original vocals and the original blazing sax solo.

Both the surviving original master and the new Smash Mob remix have been released worldwide by Blue Pie Records of Australia, you might be interested to compare the original TV version on line and compare it to how our remixes sound.  

Press materials for this release are located here:

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