Smash Mob

Smash Mob is Frank Rogala and Jason Eldridge.  The duo, among other things, are producers, filmmakers, songwriters, and composers for film and TV.

Frank Rogala
Frank Rogala burst on the scene in the 1980's as lead vocalist and co-producer for seminal "techno rock" band EXUDE.   Now a bi-coastal producer, Rogala maintains studios in California and Michigan. As lead vocalist and co-producer for musical performing group NC-17, Rogala starred in the acclaimed theatrically released documentary film "Won't Anybody Listen."  A multi-threat, combining skills as an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter, accomplished music video director, SEO specialist, major label artist/producer and chart-topping songwriter.

Jason Eldridge
Jason Eldridge is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, producer who has toured nationally and performed with the bands, Different Level,  and Month of Sunday and currently Heaven' Ta Betsy.  

Smash Mob
Smash Mob combines the formidable talents and energy of Rogala and Eldridge.  After several years producing nearly a thousand cues in dozens of styles  (Moombahtan, Brazilian Trap, Rock, Pop, Dance, EDM, Electronica, Garage Rock, etc.)  for TV and Film, the duo found their production chops extremely sharp. Spurred by the success of several self produced singles, the duo turned to working with artists who look to them to bring out fresh untapped aspects of their talent while combining them with Smash Mob's "top of the charts" fresh sound. 

As Smash Mob, Frank Rogala and Jason Eldridge offer composition, and production services for vocal artists, TV Show and films and media of all types.