Lots of Smash Mob Releases and Videos Coming Soon!

Screen capture of Devin Jay Baker and Raven (Dog) from Smash Mob music video Take Me For Your RideSmash Mob has been hard at work with releases and videos in the works for all of our artists.  

A cross-country trip to shoot video with Big Rick for his song Woah with Evan Scott.  

Then to Hollywood to capture the excitement of the largest Halloween party on earth for Evan Scott's Live It Up video (Jacqueline van Bierk guest stars!).

Next up is a pure Smash Mob song Take Me For Your Ride,  featuring just Jason Eldridge and Frank Rogala accompanied by a concept music video about a boy who runs away from home with his dog.

Also slated - Smash Mob will be releasing a brand new mix of Don't Walk (feat. Billy Lofton & Jacqueline van Bierk).

Mixes for Boom Doggottie's Blue Collar Music and Welcome To The City have been finalized.  A video shoot with Boom Doggottie is next!

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