I see the way he treats you badly
and you put on a smile like inside everything's fine
I know if you had me
you would be so happy
all mine
want your time
Yeah yeah yeah

Gonna make you mine
nothing I can do until I make you mine
but I can take you right
if I got to do it I'm a take you fine oh
does he blow your mind
I don't really think that he could blow your mind no
I got to make you mine
I'm not going to stop until I make you mine

I think that you could do much better
it's time for you to come with me I'll show you to the light
There is no more pressure
leave the pain for pleasure
All mine
all the time
Yeah yeah yeah


I think it's time for you to go
No more goodies for the rookie
time to move up to a pro
he don't make you smile
and he hasn't for a while
but I'm a show you how
you deserve to wear the crown
you a Queen
and I want to be your king
I want to see you shine
I want to hear you sing
Perfect by design
Make me wanna buy a ring
if I make you mine
you won't have to worry bout a thing