Jacqueline van Bierk and Smash Mob's debut single release- June 30, 2016

Smash Mob is putting the finishing touches on the mixes and video of their new song with Jacqueline van Bierk.  The title and video will be announced soon and you will be able to see and hear it June 30, 2016.

Written by Jason Eldridge, Frank Rogala and Jacqueline van Bierk, the song is performed by Jacqueline in a colorful video directed by Frank Rogala that is sure to grab attention for this talented performer.

Jacqueline Van Bierk is a Los Angeles, by way of Germany, based performer/composer, formerly of Otto's Daughter.

In the style of Brazilian Trap with some dubstep elements, Jacqueline has made a women's anthem for the new millennium.  Tall order?  Just wait and see :-)

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