Busy Fall 2017 at Smash Mob East!

Lots going on here at Smash Mob East (Mackinaw City). We just made a list and it made us a bit dizzy! By the end of October 2017 we are scheduled to finish the following (actually this list isn't' everything - ha!). We await the label release (and thus Beatport release) of our remix of the Wonder Woman TV Show theme (thank you, Kent Broderick!). We finished the first batch and are starting the second set of cues for a popular long-running TV show. We are mixing a rock album for local favorites Heavens Ta Betsy. We are wrapping post-production on our EPIC!!!! futuristic Westworld themed short film/ music video (seriously it is amazing), "You Can Run" feat Stephen Bannon with guest appearances by Jacqueline van Bierk, Don Dutcher, Michael BoomDoggottie Page, Jason Eldridge, and Frank Rogala, as well as firming up a batch of singles including two with Michael BoomDoggottie Page & Jacqueline Van Bierk (video in the can for both but not edited yet), we have a couple more we will be finishing with Jacqueline van Bierk once we return to the CA studio -- that are already stunning a rough demos!), a hot EDM single with Michael BoomDoggottie Page(Par-tay!). Time zone synchronization gods willing - we hope to finish a great single we wrote with Nitanee Paris and Brazil-based vocalist Eduarda Xenofonte. Oh yeah, there is a hot single, "Lost" (with video shot IN the LAX Westin pool last November - yes he appears in a skimpy suit - not!), feat. Evan Scott Mendyk (and a second Moombahton single we have waited for his vocal tracks all summer for - Evan!!!!! Send them!), Not to mention finishing an album of future pop songs for a new library we are working with. Oh yeah all that and a couple singles by just us - Smash Mob! Whew!

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