Dark Drive Recalls Frank Rogala's 80's Origins as Lead Vocalist for EXUDE

Award Winning Vocalist/Producer/Composer/FimmakerFrank Rogala's 1980s-flavored  single “Dark Drive.”

Long before those too lazy to do an internet search before choosing a band name started calling themselves by their name - EXUDE was blazing a trail with their brand of Nu Wave music starting with their first release in 1980. OG EXUDE band members, Frank Rogala, Vince Rogala, and Robin Canada had record deals with A&M Records, and Polydor, among many others, videos on MTV and prowled the stages of Hollywood Clubs with what one reviewer called “a Van Haleneque rendition of Adam Ant.”  

Created as a new 80's flavored song for Music Supervisors needing a bit of that OG 80's sound, Dark Drive is ready to roll and being release January 11, 2023.  

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